michaeloliversqGathering from his experience of having, ‘been there, done that,’ fallen over a few times, and finding his own path to success, Michael’s speaking and sales training reputation is built as someone who knows what works and what doesn’t in selling and communication. Because he’s done it!

With energy, depth of understanding and humor he challenges and proves that many of the conventional established thinking and systems that actually prevent sales people and organizations from achieving the success they desire.

In these changing times, Michael demonstrates how individual and team productivity and bottom lines can be significantly improved, by drawing from the philosophies of ancient wisdoms of communicating from the soul, and blending them with the demands of the modern world.

As well as creating ‘Natural Selling’, Michael is also a certified speaker and trainer for Deepak Chopra’s ‘Seven Laws for Engaging Spirit in the Workplace’ which is based on his book, ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.’

In both, he delivers practical steps behind the philosophies to help individuals and companies make the necessary changes for their own personal and business success and growth. Knowing that motivation comes from within, he taps into the individual inner wisdom that everyone has, and gives them the practical tools to empower themselves!

I first saw Michael speak in Arizona. He has a presence that immediately gets people to THINK! He actually got the crowd to get busy answering their own questions…which was quite astounding! What was so refreshing about his speaking is he was truly a facilitator … it is always more entertaining to be guided and empowered than it is to be told what to do! Of all the speakers that day, Michael was the most impactful and memorable!”
Karl Jacobsen , President FTMU

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